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Inherently Funny

Database of inherently funny words, phrases, and more

Originally conceived as an opportunity to teach myself PHP and MySQL, Inherently Funny also proved a good test case for holistic web design. Launched in April 2006, the site's submissions, search engine referrals, page views, and ad revenue continue to grow.

Site functionality includes the ability to submit, search, sort, rate, and comment upon entries.


First thumbnail for Bored Button Second thumbnail for Bored Button

Bored Button

Mini-website optimized for the search term "bored"

Conceived as a personal SEO challenge to capture some of the thousands of daily searches for the word "bored", the site also provided an opportunity to eschew the clichés of Web 2.0 design and look backwards for inspiration. Ultimately I consulted David Ogilvy, dusted off Helvetica, and dismembered my favorite red jacket to produce a cheeky interpretation of the classic HTML button.

What does the site do? Press the Bored Button to find out.


First thumbnail for Meat Junkie Second thumbnail for Meat Junkie

Meat Junkie

Vegetarian-friendly satire of fast food websites

The first website I built, Meat Junkie remains one of my most successful efforts, having prompted dozens of emails both positive and negative and threats of legal action by Burger King and Jack in the Box.

Originally designed with a WYSIWYG, Meat Junkie has since been re-coded several times and now uses PHP includes. The recent addition of text ads made the site self-sustaining, but the original, ad-free version also remains available.


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Nearby Escapes

The smart guide to short getaways from New York City

My first partnership (with my wife nonetheless), Nearby Escapes is a guide to day trips and weekend getaways in and around New York City. Included are all-season recommendations for travelers with and without a car and of every budget.


First thumbnail for Ryan Cyrus Shams Second thumbnail for Ryan Cyrus Shams

Ryan Cyrus Shams

Now defunct portfolio website of the actor Ryan Shams

A talented character actor influenced by experimental theater and Buster Keaton, Shams naturally wanted his online portfolio to reflect his distinct sensibility. We chose Massin's innovative visual treatment of Eugene Ionesco's The Bald Soprano as a starting point for the design.

After shooting dozens of photographs of Shams, I posterized several poses before selecting four for the website.


Agency Design Websites

First thumbnail for IgoUgo Second thumbnail for IgoUgo


User-submitted travel journals and photos

I joined IgoUgo as a junior graphic designer in the spring of 2003 and subsequently held roles as a user experience designer and Director of Project Management before becoming the Director of Design and Usability in fall 2005.

During my years at IgoUgo I've contributed to redesigns that led to the Webby Award for Travel in 2004 and the acquisition by Sabre in 2005. Most recently I've worked with the IgoUgo team on site advertising, usability, converting layouts to CSS, and search engine optimization.


Thumbnail for ASTA


Travel community built for travel agent association

This project required duplicating and then converting IgoUgo site files to match the branding of ASTA's consumer website TravelSense. While much of the functionality remained the same, the ASTA travel community did require entirely new CSS and the addition of a travel agent directory.


First thumbnail for RV Community Second thumbnail for RV Community

Coast to Coast

Travel community built for
RV company Coast to Coast

A project very similar to the ASTA website, the Coast to Coast travel community required applying a new design to existing IgoUgo site files and functionally. Coast to Coast provided the retro logo and asked that I design the site with a complimentary look and feel.


Project Management Websites

First thumbnail for the Travel Channel

Travel Channel

Travel community built for
the cable channel

As lead project manager I worked with Travel Channel contacts and IgoUgo designers and programmers to ensure this custom travel community matched the high quality of the Travel Channel brand.


Thumbnail for Duncan Hines

Duncan Hines

Online home of the national baking brand

Managing this project required writing detailed specifications for new functionality, directing the redesign of the existing Duncan Hines website, and working with the client to ensure a smooth migration from the old site to the new.


Banners Websites

Thumbnail for IgoUgo Ad

GoNomad Email

Open Full Version

IgoUgo banner featured in a GoNomad email newsletter

Created to run in an email campaign for the alternative travel website GoNomad, this banner ad was designed to showcase the adventurous side of the IgoUgo brand.


First Thumbnail for IgoUgo Site Banner Second Thumbnail for IgoUgo Site Banner

IgoUgo Relaunch

Open Full Version

Flash banner counting down to IgoUgo relaunch

Employing aggressive typography to convey the excitement of the relaunch, the original banner also used ActionScripting to dynamically display the days remaining until the May 5 event.


Thumbnail for RCI Hawaii Banner

RCI Hawaii

Open Larger Version

Banner to support a RCI Cruise sweepstakes

This small banner combines retro and script fonts to suggest the kitsch appeal of a Hawaiian cruise vacation.


Logos Print

Thumbnail for Color Fighting Monk Logo Thumbnail for Black and White Fighting Monk Logo

Fighting Monk

Open Larger Version

Logo for the Chicago Title Company Fighting Monk

As a small company just starting in a competitive business, Fighting Monk needed a logo that projected both size and trust, so I appropriated those qualities from the abstract corporate logos popularized by Paul Rand.

The logo was created by breaking the initials “F” and “M” into component strokes and reassembling them into a diamond.


Thumbnail for NYWC Logo


Open Larger Version

Logo for the nonprofit New York Writers Coalition

A friend was kind enough to roll up his sleeves and pose for the silhouette in this logo. His long limbs and large, flat feet serendipitously echoed the font's stems and serifs.

Unfortunately, this logo was not ultimately used by the New York Writers Coalition.


Thumbnail for Girls Write Now Logo

Girls Write Now

Open Larger Version

Logo for nonproft mentoring organization Girls Write Now

I chose American Typewriter's curvy, anthropomorphic "g" to anchor this logo for a nonprofit organization that pairs teenage girls with professional women writers. While the logo suggests both eyeglasses and a typewriter key (reading and writing), the letter's playful, curled ear also signals that the organization knows how to have fun.

I subsequently designed a postcard using this logo.


Business Cards Print

Thumbnail for Jane Gallagher Calling Card

Jane Gallagher

Open Full Version

Calling card for my friend Jane Gallagher

Gallagher asked for a simple, modern calling card to hand out socially, so I used an asymmetrical layout of red and black text set in Trade Gothic.


Miscellaneous Print

Thumbnail for Afterthoughts Comics Thumbnail for Afterthoughts Comics

Afterthoughts Comics

Open Comics

Weekly comic that appeared in three newsweeklies

From 1998-2000 I drew a comic that appeared in the Chicago Reader, the San Diego Reader, and the Proper Gander. Each single panel comic depicted the thoughts of a deceased icon.


First Thumbnail for IgoUgo Site Banner

IgoUgo Sticker

Open Full Version

“Recommended” sticker for restaurant front windows

Mailed to restaurants reviewed by IgoUgo members, this window sticker was designed to establish the relatively unknown IgoUgo brand via a prominent logo and URL.


Thumbnail for First Book Cover Thumbnail for Second Book Cover

Book Cover Exercises

First Cover, Second Cover

Two book covers for a design class final project

Despite the obvious flaws (especially in typography), I include these two designs for a non-existent book because they were the final project in my first graphic design course.


SEO Documents

Thumbnail for Meat Junkie SEO Thumbnail for Meat Junkie SEO

Meat Junkie

Open Excel Document

Nine months documentation of SEO efforts and results

From March 2005 to November 2005, I used search engine optimization to almost triple monthly Google referrals to Meat Junkie. The Excel document charts what strategies did and did not work and the effect increased search engine referrals had on overall site traffic and ad revenue.